I did multiple things

I have done a few different things

  • added keybase link to footer (because we all want a circle of trust right?).
  • add RSS feed generation and link to footer as atom.xml
  • edited deploy script to prevent deletion of favion and ssh key for git deploy. I am sure there must be a way to fix this in the theme itself.
  • added google analytics so that I can confirm I am the only person reading this.
  • added an about page while not quite understanding why I dont have to publish the markdown file for it.
  • edited the default draft markdown file to include current date, comments, tags and categories.
  • changed the page title.

next I will focus on trying to get summary vs. main content in each markdown file. I did run into some issue when I tried to deploy as root, this resulted in all kinds of wierd errors but deleteing all hidden git_deploy folders and forcing a clean/generate (already included in my deployment script) seemed to fix this.