why would you ever trust me?

Even though you should always care about certification, I only bother to do it so that I can get rid of pesky warnings in Chrome when connecting from where I work. Anyway, as this little server is a new setup where I trial new things, I opted to go with letsencrypt/certbot, this can now be verified at SSLLabs.
On a similar matter of gaining trust, keybase chat is now up and running, I can be contacted whenever you secret squirrels want to, here.
I also removed the fancybox posts with pictures of the cats. I couldn’t get on board with having such large images as part of the load, I promise to only link images in the future.
Also, turns out update/upgrade ruins permissions for random hexo files…you then find out that most of the troubleshooting pages for hexo users are written in Japanese and for Windows installations.